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Aero Ambulance International provides emergency and routine air ambulance transportation services worldwide.

Aero Ambulance International utilizes a fleet of mobile health care jets stands ready to respond on a moment's notice. Each aircraft is fully-equipped and staffed, ready to retrieve and transport ill or injured patients worldwide.
We are known and recognized for our quality service, the reliability of the scheduling and the versatility of our charter operations.

24 hours per day 7 days a week across the US or worldwide

From marooned hikers to critically ill patients, we provide air transport services on a daily basis when patients need care that can not be provided during normal travel. We transport patients door to door under guidance from travel nurses and doctors on aircraft equipped for medical transport of patients.

Aero Ambulance -air ambulance services- offers air transport services for the relocation of patients requiring specialized medical procedures to hospitals recognized as national centers of excellence in their fields. Air ambulance transports are also used for the repatriation of patients who are injured or become ill away from home. Our team are specialists in medical flight. We transport patients with flight nurses and paramedics onboard an aircraft with state of the art medical equipment. All our airplanes are approved by the FAA for air ambulance with life support equipment onboard. We give attention and support to all patients.

air ambulanceRequiring medical assistance can be an overwhelming and sometimes frightening experience. Aero Ambulance International encourages patients to voice their fears and concerns and allow them to assist in appropriate decision making. Our communications staff and medical crews continually update patients and family members on transport status, explain all procedures, and are available to answer any questions the patient or family may have.

Our air ambulance services provide each patient with the highest level of air-medical care at the most cost-effective price. Our commitment to excellence is achieved by combining the talents of our highly trained medical staff, our flight safety trained pilots, our well maintained fleet of aircraft and a quality driven management team. We coordinate from bedside to bedside to make your family or patient have the smoothest trip possible. We have gained the trust of hospitals worldwide and our support is available 24 hours a day.

Aero Ambulance International -air ambulance services- is one of the leading air ambulance companies offering a full range of healthcare air transportation services from small, medium to long range transports. Our air ambulance services capabilities are supported by our 24 hour Flight Coordination Center that specializes in assisting our customers in all aspects to insure a smooth, safe, and efficient transfer of the patient.

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The experience on an international air ambulance flight should be safe, efficient and comfortable. In Aero Ambulance International we make sure all of the necessary pre-flight paperwork is in order, as well as admission to the Hospital the patient requires. We coordinate from bedside to bedside to make your medical transportation the smoothest air trip possible.

Aero Ambulance International's Medical personnel have flown hundreds of trips internationally. Our team are specialists in medical flight. All our air ambulances are approved by the FAA for air medical transport with life support equipment onboard. We can arrange to have a physician on board, or your own physician on board. Depending on the needs of the patient and family involved, we have a wide range of smaller to larger aircrafts available to suit the patient's needs.