(702) 467-0899

Thank you for the trouble you have gone to help us collect funds from the insurance company.  I also want to thank your staff for taking such good care of me.  They did their best to make me as comfortable as possible in my situation.  I was encouraged by one of your medical staff who told me he suffered a similar complex fracture and can now carry on a normal life.  He gave me hope and something to look forward to.  Thank you once more for your help and encouragement.

Dear Dr. Ramirez,
We would like to kindly thank you and Ric for coordinating the medical air flight from the Dominican Rep. to Rochester New York in our time of need. We would also like to thank the flight crew and medics for their outstanding job with caring for Josephine and getting us safely to our destination. 
Thank you,
Steve Beachner, Lisa Mastrosimone and family